Yoga with Mary


Mary is a leader in the yoga and wellness industry for over 3 decades. She studied classical yoga with Sri Dhama Mittra and Shakti Naam and Universal Kabbala with Dr. Michael Levry/Guru Naam. She is a nationally recognized occupational therapist and trauma Gerontologist and treats patients with various disabilities and limitations. She teaches classes and privates in Manhattan and leads events and retreats worldwide.  The combination of her yoga certifications and medical training give her students a deep experience that is based in both alignment and spirituality. She is known by her students to be down to earth, authentic and a spiritual force of nature. Her students say her expertise, mindful and creative class choreography and inspirational teachings bring harmony to their body, mind and heart and are a guide to live healthfully, authentically and connected. Follow Mary's Instagram for yoga inspirations. Link to website to subscribe to her newsletter to stay informed. Email for privates.

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